Iván Contreras talks at Forbes Daily: “The Urban Mobility Revolution is led by Torrot”

In an interview for Forbes Daily, the founder and CEO of Torrot, Iván contreras, talks about how the change towards a sustainable mobility model can improve the quality of life of cities through technology applied to electric vehicles. The reduction of price and the increase of social awareness for the environment are the keys of this change.

Citizens are becoming more exigents when they acquire a vehicle, being aware that the extensive fog of pollution that covers the skyes of cities as Madrid or Barcelona must change. Iván Contreras emphasizes that “the electric vehicle should terminate the health problems that are causing pollution in the cities as well as incorporating more technology should optimize the time spent traveling.”

Ivan Contreras interview

Torrot vehicles have a connection capacity that improves the mobility of drivers, based on the concept of interconnected personal mobility.

“The user experience changes from a gasoline motorbike to an electric one, the feedback that gives you is different. You have to learn to drive it because you don´t have the noise of a combustion motorcycle and it doesn´t smell. Facts that remind that you are driving a motorcycle” says the CEO of Torrot.

The subventions, such as the Movalt plan in Spain, are encouraging the installation of recharging points in cities although not everyone can install them in their homes because they do not have space or enought money to invest on. For this reason, from Torrot, we have developed batteries with longer duration. If the leader motorbike in the market, Muvi, has a range of 100 kilometers, the Velocipedo will have a range of up to 150 kilometers.

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