Ricky Rubio teams up with Torrot’s sustainable mobility

Ricky Rubio plugs in to the urban sustainable mobility model proposed by Torrot. The only Spanish manufacturer of motorcycles and electric bicycles with zero emissions, interconnected to the mobile devices of their users, teams up with the basketball player, star player with Utah Jazz in the NBA. Torrot is to enter the North American market together with him and currently has a presence in the US through its off-road subsidiary, GasGas. Ricky Rubio has expressed his environmental commitment with the signing of a brand image contract with the CEO and the Vice President of Torrot, Iván and Rafael Contreras, respectively.

Torrot has opted for the point guard Ricky Rubio as its brand image to reinforce its position in the United States. This is due to the significant volume of sales the Spanish company has in this country and which foresees a solid and sustained growth.

Between the end of this year and the first quarter of 2018, Torrot disembarks in the USA through a bike-sharing company, with its best-selling model, the MUVI. This is an interconnected electric moped that is leading the sales of its category, including gasoline-powered motorcycles, in Spain this year. Currently, Torrot already commercializes off-road motorcycles in the USA through its subsidiary GasGas. These sales will represent, at the close of this financial year, approximately 15 percent of the company’s revenues. Torrot plans to increase sales in the US in 2017 due to the success of motorcycles and electric bicycles that will be sold in that market. The company plans to double the number of sales and position itself as an important player in sustainable urban mobility in the major cities of the American market.

In the words of Ricky Rubio: “What Torrot has achieved in only three years for the development of sustainable mobility is impressive. I feel a great affinity with its commitment and its work in the reduction of polluting emissions and the creation of a model of a different kind of city, cleaner, quieter and more livable “. In addition, Ricky Rubio said: “For me, it is a real honor to represent a company like Torrot in the United States. Torrot reflects the capacity for innovation and leadership in Spain.” Rubio was especially interested in the new model on which Torrot is working in its new factory in Cadiz where it has invested 16 million euros: “Torrot’s Velocipede is a three-wheeled vehicle, perfect for people like me for who know safety is vital, but who also like to move around more freely, to be connected and without causing pollution. I’m looking forward to having my own one”.

Iván Contreras, founder and CEO of Torrot, comments: “we are excited that Ricky Rubio is our brand image as not only does he fit into the world we want to create from Torrot, a sustainable world in which leading a healthy life is fundamental and in a world where sport plays a very important role. But also, from our company we feel very identified with basketball because it is a game in which teamwork is especially valued and it is precisely the effort and the work of the whole team that has led Torrot to having managed to beat business records year after year since we acquired the company”.

In the presentation, the vice president of Torrot, Rafael Contreras, stressed “Ricky has a brilliant sporting career that is very much aligned to values ??of the company, always working hard and innovating towards excellence in his area”. Contreras also expressed a word of thanks to Black Toro Capital, Torrot’s financial partner: “One of the main premises of Black Toro Capital when investing in companies is to help them develop their growth beyond Spain towards international markets, especially towards the US. Today is a good example of this particular type of strategy since they are the only Private Equity firm in Spain with this vision”.

The fact hat the presentation was made in Salt Lake City has not been down to chance either. The capital of the state of Utah was selected for the signing of the agreement because in addition to being the current residence of Ricky Rubio it is one of the most sustainable and green cities in the United States.