Showing Torrot Velocipedo

The new Torrot Velocipedo revolutionizes the world of urban mobility at the EICMA show in Milan

– The presentation of the new Torrot Velocipedo arouses the admiration of the public of the Milan Motorcycle Show
– Torrot’s revolutionary vehicle fully meets the expectations generated before its global presentation and becomes the new flagship product from the electric vehicle manufacturer in the midst of a great media whirlwind
– The company takes advantage of the largest international two-wheel showcase to present its new models of electric bikes, Dakota and Visiobike, and the first trial-excursion bike, the new Torrot Movak

The EICMA Motor Show has been the venue chosen for the presentation of the new Torrot Velocipedo, a vehicle destined to revolutionize urban mobility as we understand it today. A new concept: as agile as a motorcycle, as safe as a car. Pioneer of a new segment of interconnected electric vehicles that combine the protection and stability of the car with the dynamism of the world of two wheels.  

The current problems of mobility in large cities make the need for future major changes in this regard increasingly evident to eliminate traffic congestion and environmental pollution. A revolution in personal mobility, and which Torrot, aware of the challenges that lie ahead, has anticipated with the creation of the new Torrot Velocipedo. A new three-wheeled vehicle, stable, safe and at the same time dynamic, designed to meet the transport needs of people in urban environments. A new conception that opens the way to a new segment of light, sustainable, interconnected vehicles. A new kind of transport that comes to our streets to make our lives and our daily tasks something much easier and more practical.

A new conception that opens the way to a new segment of light, sustainable, interconnected vehicles. A new kind of transport that comes to our streets to make our lives and our daily tasks something much easier and more practical.

Its light structure and the stability provided by its two front wheels are two of the main strengths of this new concept from Torrot. A vehicle that also highlights its efficiency, thanks to its electric motor and powerful batteries, and the protection offered by its windshield. A system that will protect and isolate its occupants from inclement weather, and also allow them to travel with maximum comfort and without needing to wear a helmet.


The presentation of the new Torrot Velocipedo has not been the only good news from the brand at the Milan Motor Show, as the benchmark electric scooter will receive significant modifications. The new Muvi will have an improved engine, and also a new swingarm, providing greater stability. In addition, Muvi models will be customized with a large palette of colours ranging from the most classic colours to the most striking, which again will position this Torrot electric scooter as the absolute leader in its market segment.


The company’s range of motorcycles receives a new member. The Torrot Movak, the new trial-excursion bike from the brand has seen the light of day in EICMA. A comfortable automatic electric trial bike with a seat and that will allow enthusiasts to enjoy their excursions and their leisure time with satisfaction and respect for the environment that can only be experienced on this type of-off road electric vehicle, totally in tune with nature.


The CitySurfer, the urban folding electric bicycle has established itself as the king of the city street, with its modern design and the ability to adapt itself to all situations and be carried comfortably.

Now Torrot has decided to take a leap forward in the bicycle sector by presenting the new Dakota and Dakota Urban. Two new electric models with pedalling assistance, sharing the same frame, but with different components depending on their use: city or trips out into the countryside.

Torrot’s ambition in the world of cycling does not end here, since the brand also wants to present a new model: the new VisiobikeA practical and comfortable urban vehicle with a carbon frame that is to use the latest technologies and keep the user connected at all times with their environment.


The latest Torrot innovation at EICMA affects the range of children’s electric motorcycles, the Kids, which from now on will equip the Parental Control system as standard. This means that parents of children who use the Torrot Kids, can control at any time and through a simple mobile app available for iOS and Android where the child is. Another function of this system is the ability to limit the power of the motorcycle, define a maximum radius of action and even turn off the motorcycle in case of emergency.