Torrot and the Electric Vehicle Elite meets at the Formula E

Iván Contreras, CEO of Torrot and Alejandro Agag, director of Formula E, signed the agreement that brings together two projects that will go hand in hand in promoting sustainable mobility.

With this sponsorship, Torrot reinforces the company’s commitment to the sustainable zero-emission mobility, and maintains its leadership as a global manufacturer of electric vehicles.

This agreement entails the cession of twenty units of Muvi, the leading electric motorcycle in Spain in 2017 to facilitate Formula E drivers to move around the circuits during the championship.

Formula E, a competition that increases in number of followers every day, disputes the fourth world championship this year and serves to demonstrate the speed and power that is capable the latest electrical technology without emissions.

In the words of Iván Contreras, CEO of Torrot “We started supporting Formula E because we found it very representative of the way forward to reach sustainable and interconnected mobility, definitely the potential solution for pollution in the cities.”